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The Cub- New Tom Gin ***Limited Edition***

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“The Cub” is the first collaboration between Zymurgorium and Beartown Brewery, looking to enchant and delight gin connoisseurs and beyond with its refreshingly irresistible flavours, a grizzly/zymed creation, where bear meets bee. A fantastic fusion of brewery and distillery, master distiller meets master brewer to produce the bear and the bee love child, The Cub.

Modelled on Old Tom Gin, a sweeter style of gin, and lighter, too. Old Tom was a hugely popular style in the late 1800s, a notorious tipple as London’s gin scene was driven underground. Drinkers would look for cat-shaped wall plaques, where they would drop a coin in the cat’s mouth and a shot of gin would be dispensed from a tube.

The Cub is a new Tom style gin, an expertly crafted blend of Beartown Breweries sumptuous Citra and Mosaic hops gently distilled, paired with the finest juniper, lemon, lime and vanilla. Bursting with flavour and fantastic as part of a G&T or cocktail mix, The Cub is best served with a slice of lime or sprig of mint.
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Additional Details

  • Alcohol Content: 40% ABV
  • Bottle Size: 50cL
  • Brand: Zymurgorium

Telephone: +44 (0) 161 549 8994


Unit B6, Fairhills Trading Centre, Fairhills Road, Irlam, Greater Manchester, M44 6BA. UK

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